Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Think Positive!

Update on septic problems:  my water conservation efforts have been successful in combatting the septic issue.  (For more info on this problem, see earlier posts, below)  So for now, I'm a hampy capper!

Due to back and foot problems, I've been unable to stay on my feet for very long, and as a result my house is currently a pig sty.  I hate enforced inactivity, and tried to bull my way through the pain with aspirin, but Mother Nature said, "Take a break, kiddo," so I did.  Now I'm getting better and I'm rarin' to go!  It helps that a positive attitude goes a long way toward fixing things. 

I was reminded again today that a positive attitude is half the battle.  It colors your whole world with positive energy instead of gloom and doom. I live by the tenets of an old saying:  fake it till you make it.  Even if I'm not always full of sunshine and light, I pretend I am.  The funny thing is, pretending usually becomes reality.  So my handy helpful household hint for today is THINK POSITIVE!  Today, despite a truckload of setbacks, I am pretending to be as happy as a clam.  As a result, there's sunshine in my soul today.