Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just Checking In!

My poor blog! I've neglected it terribly, but I've been meeting myself coming and going! Just lots and lots of things going on around here. Landscaping the yard, working on the addition to my laundry room and dining room, and remodel of the kitchen soon to follow, dealing with construction debris and dust.  Plus, I've been really busy with my editorial business.  And dealing with incompetent doctors and insurance paperwork. 

So I thought I'd just do a quick fly-by to check in and let the world know I'm still here, still alive, and still busy. Right now, I have Elton John blaring on the stereo and I'm so energized--probably because it feels like we're going to have some thunder and lightning!  Oh goodie!  How I love the thunder and the retina-searing flashes of light.  Of course, with that comes lots of negative ions in the air, which probably accounts for the burst of energy. And with that, I'm going to twirl away from my desk and boogy my way through evening chores on the ol' farm.  Go, Sir Elton!

Copyright-free image of Elton John: (There are some wonderful charicatures of Elton on the Internet, but they are copyright protected, so being the good little editor that I am, I'm using this free one. Thank you,