Friday, December 7, 2007

Movie In My Head

I just finished watching Cinderella Man, starring Russell Crowe (the man with the velvet voice) and Renee Zellweger. It was a great movie, and it inspired me with ideas for about ten million new stories I want to start writing this very minute.

I'm a very visual person. When I write, I envision the scenes like a movie playing in my head. When I play out the scene in my head, I often stop to visualize camera placement, lighting, sound effects. Each element clicks into place like pieces of a puzzle, and then the scene and actors are set, and my fingers start flying.

I often wonder if readers do the same thing. When I read a book, my internal movie is always running. How about you? Do you visualize as you read, like a movie in your head? Or is it the actual words that do it for you? How do you experience a book?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I do the same. And of course it's easy to place the 'velvet-voiced' Mr. Crowe at the centre of the scene!:lol

I usually write non-fiction.....magazine articles etc. However, Mr Rochester....I mean Crowe....has provided ome impetus for my fiction writing of late.

NinaP said...

I do the same thing. Watched Gladiator the other night (was up with a cold) Love that movie. The emotion at the end is so complex.

Still down with a cold, I read Jo's Lord Of Midnight. Magnificent read. The emotion just never stopped.

Last night I watched The Christmas Carol (George C. Scott) with my daughter. Again, such a complex mixture of emotion.

For me, the movie (either w/in my head or before my eyes) is no good w/o the emotion. In the end, that's what I remember. How the movie made me feel.

News From the Holmestead said...

Hi, Anonynmous--glad to hear I'm not the only Russell Crowe freak! Like you, certain individuals provide inspiration for my stories. When I was on a big Val Kilmer kick after watching Willow, I named the hero of my WIP "Val." *g*

Nina, you're spot on regarding the emotions! They are vital to a romance--absolutely vital. In true life, it's the rush of emotion that makes love so wonderful. One minute you're on top of the world, the next, you're in tears, then comes the euphoria, then the lover's spat, then the making up ...

Need I go on?

Sherrie Holmes