Friday, May 30, 2008

Up Your Nose!

Gross!!! Yesterday I picked a gorgeous spray of flowers from my rhododendron. It's a rare scented rhodie with a lovely, sweet smell. As I walked to the house, I buried my nose in the flowers and took a deep sniff. And came away with a hideous black garden slug on my nose and upper lip.

I'm not a freak-out person, but that got me good! I slapped it off my lip and hurried to the house with my upper lip stuck out so as not to contaminate my lower lip. I wiped it off with tissue, then soaped up a sponge and scrubbed my nose and lip.

Ahhhhh, nature. Sometimes, I think Mother Nature is a practical joker. Have you ever had anything unexpected happen to you as a result of Mother Nature?


gonepotty said...

Slugs... can't stand them, but too soft to kill them - what's a girl to do!?
You poor thing, it's a funny story, but then it's not so funny at the time when you can feel the slime...
The funniest thing I can think of in the last few months happened in Brazil - I was on the toilet one day and a huge crab ran out from underneath it waving it's claw at me... nearly scared me to death!
Love your blog, very cheerful,
warm wishes,

News From the Holmestead said...

Hi, Elizabeth. Thank you for the compliment!

Your crab story has to be the most original I've ever heard! Like you, it would have scared me to death. Crabs look too much like spiders, and I cannot abide spiders.

Sherrie Holmes