Saturday, June 7, 2008

Awwww . . .

I just had the cutest thing happen. I bent down to pet my cat, Christopher the Assassin, and he stood on his hind feet and reached his arms up, just like a toddler wanting to be picked up. I realized that's how I always pick him up: a hand under each armpit, fingers circling his chest, and up he comes, nice and comfortable. It's how I put him down, too, so he's very comfortable with that method.

He's actually been doing this for some time, now, and I just didn't realize it. I think it's so endearing, and shows a level of trust for a cat. Christopher is the Bwana, the Great White Hunter (thus the assassin part of his name), so it's a double pleasure to know that such a fearless hunter likes his cuddles so much that he practically begs for them.

How do your pets let you know they want a little affection from Mom? (Or Dad!)


fromtheworld said...
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fromtheworld said...

I miss my mum's cat. I love her. Camilla is her name. I am definitively a cat person. Camilla is an independent cat, but then when she wants attentions she cames close to me, and starts to roll on her back. She keeps doing this till I don't pet her and if I don't do that soon enough, she walks to me meowing a bit before to re-start to roll on her back...I love cats.