Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Breaking All Heat Records

Today it hit 102 degrees F. in Seattle, breaking all previous heat records since we began recording the temps in 1861. In truth, the temps have soared much higher in outlying areas. It hit 106 in the shade at my place today, the hottest weather I've ever encountered in Washington State in 62 years.

I'm hosing down the dogs several times a day. In fact, when Asterisk hears me using the garden hose, she comes running. She likes to run through the spray, biting at the water. Unfortunately, it's so hot that the dogs dry off quickly. I may just put a small sprinkler in the side yard and let the dogs run through it at will.

Here are some more pictures of Asterisk playing in the water.


Alissa said...

And I thought I had it bad being in sweltering NJ after living up in the nice, cool mountains for a few years. Sure we always had a week or two in the winter where the temperature never hit double digits, but it also was never hot in the summer. I'll take the cold, thanks. I guess I should be grateful it's "only" in the 90s here.

News From the Holmestead said...

Alissa, we had a really cold and very wet winter and spring, so I'm glad summer is finally here. Last winter, I swore that if we had a hot summer, I woldn't complain. So I'm not. But may I just say, IT SURE IS HOT!!!