Thursday, October 22, 2009

Funny (and not so funny) Animal Shenanigans

I'm sitting here at my computer and I hear my cat yelling at me for some attention.  I look down just in time to see him lean heavily against a box on the floor, attempting to rub his face against it.  The box slides across the floor.  The cat staggers and falls down.  Oops!  A little too much body English!  Embarrassed cat fastidiously licks himself, pretending it didn't happen.  Kind and sensitive owner that I am, I laugh hysterically.

I did not laugh yesterday when my puppy, Asterisk, chewed the power cord on my new drill.  She didn't even have the decency to chew the plug end, which I could have replaced.  Nooooo.  She chewed it off where it enters the drill, leaving no room to splice a new cord.  I caught her in the act, and was able to punish her, which probably didn't have much of an effect on her, but it made me feel better.  :-) 


Judith said...

Oh, gee, Sherrie, what a bummer? Can you get the drill fixed? It's a hard lesson to learn, but when you have puppies, you just have to make sure nothing you don't want chewed up is left within their reach. My Scottish Deerhound did in two or three TV remotes before (a) we learned not to leave them on the couch, or (b) she decided they weren't any fun any more.

News From the Holmestead said...

Judy, that's the key: remove temptation. I don't normally leave my drills on the floor, but I'd been using it outside and it started to sprinkle, and a little rain got through the vents of the drill. So I placed it on the floor near a heat vent, to dry. It was behind my desk chair, not 3 feet away, and while I worked on my computer, a silent Asterisk lay down by my chair and proceeded to demolish the cord. I was so angry I had to go outside and walk around to cool down. *g*