Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mom! The Cat Wants In--Again!

A week or so ago I posted a picture of Asterisk, my Boxer, standing at the slider, with my cat, Christopher the Assassin, on the other side of the slider.  I hung a bell on the handle of the slider, and trained Asterisk to ring the bell when she wanted to go outside.  Asterisk has taken it a step farther, and trained herself to ring the bell when she sees the cat at the door wanting in.  Here's another picture of her, doing just that.  I snapped the picture just after she rang the bell.


Peruby said...

I love it! Sigh. My boxer would probably just eat the bell.

News From the Holmestead said...

Hi, Peruby. My Boxer does chew on things and I have to watch her like a hawk, but she probably won't grow out of it for another year. Vigilance. Vigilance!