Monday, August 1, 2011

Yet More Madness

The demolition of the exterior walls of the kitchen and laundry room has been postponed, but I've been busy anyway, drawing up design after design for the revamp of both rooms.  I've been meeting with the kitchen cabinet designer at Lowes, and he's put my designs into computer renderings, giving me a 3-D view of my concepts.  After many iterations, I've settled on a final design for the kitchen, and it's one I'm so excited about.  I get my breakfast nook and my island.  I'm very excited!

So today we gear up for the Big Push.  The carpenter is going to live in the basement in order to put in more hours on this project, and to save money on his long commute to and from my house.  So the project moves forward, and beginning today, it goes into high gear.

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