Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Life of Riley

Today I glanced out my slider and saw both my dog and my cat snoozing on the deck. The weather was beautiful, and both animals were dead to the world.

I absolutely had to take a picture of my cat. His name is Lord Byron, and he was lying on his back, hind legs spread, one paw flung out, the other curled on his chest. He was snoring. That's him in the picture. You can see my dog's hind legs in the left side of the picture.

I once had a very large orange cat who curled up inside a very small cardboard box for a nap and got stuck. He had wedged himself in so tightly that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get out.

Animals are so entertaining. Nova, my Doberman, has a whole box full of expensive toys, but does she play with them? No. Her favorite toys are a plastic 1 gallon planter from the nursery, and half of a tennis ball that split open. What about your pets? Do they shun their store-bought toys in favor of something more rustic or unusual?


NinaP said...

Hi Sherrie!

My two 70 pound German Shepards have toys galore! Their toy bin, a huge Rubbermaid container, sits next to the recycling bin in the kitchen. Whenever it's time for a toy, off they go, tails whipping, to root out the newest plastic container from the recycling bin. If there's only one, we have an all out tug-a-war on our hands. Such growling you've never heard. The good news is, generic soda is a whole lot cheaper than dog toys. Hopefully the bottling companies don’t catch on.


News From the Holmestead said...

Nina, I hear you about the toys-that-are-not-toys. What *is* it with dogs? The 1 gallon plastic planter has been played with for so long that is is now a small piec of plastic. And it's still one of Nova's favorite toys.

Dogs. Gotta love 'em.