Monday, July 7, 2008

Moment of Grace

The other day I was driving to the grocery store and saw a DOT tractor in the highway median. The driver was mowing down the tall grass and scotchbroom. On the way back home, I saw that he had missed little spots here and there. I thought, Well, that man is just careless or lazy. And then I realized that he'd missed those spots on purpose. Because each "spot" was a foxglove flower, tall and pretty.

You could tell he had carefully mowed around the flowers, leaving them standing while mowing down the rest of the weeds. It brought a smile to my lips and happiness to my heart. I have carried that image in my heart ever since. It was a moment of grace for me that has had a lasting effect.

Have you ever had a moment of grace? Something like a beautiful sunset, a hug from a child, or unexpected kindness from a stranger?


NinaP said...

Ya know Sherrie, this is a great opening for a romance novel. What a sweet hero. One of those big silent strong types who is also a disabled prisoner of war. She's a career woman, of course, the kind who's sacrificed all to reach the top only to discover the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. He shows her how to live, simply, with her feet on the ground and she shows him how to take off from where his platoon left him behind. Would be an older couple (late 30's, very early 40's) Do you think, as the population ages (along with romance reader), that older romance H&H will become more popular?

NinaP said...

I'm sorry, Sherrie. I just realized shanghaied your blog. Please forgive.

News From the Holmestead said...

Nina, loved your idea for a story. YOU should write it! Since you're now placing so high in writing contests, you can do it!

And don't worry about shanghaiing (sp?) my blog. It's not like I'm swamped with commenters. You're welcome to shanghai any time you want. *g*


NinaP said...

I'll get right on that, Sherrie. After I've whipped out Love's Freedom, Mercy and Grace. Then, By Prescription Only, Raising Drake and For the Love of Drake. (my contemp series that I've outlined)

Let's see... I think I'll call this new one... Aging Grace.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. I will be looking for moments of grace.