Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recipe: Sherrie's Chicken Salad

After you have baked chicken using my chicken seasoning (see previous post) let it cool, then cube and place in bowl, along with all the pan drippings (mostly the seasoning that came off the chicken).

Mix with Best Foods Real Mayonnaise. Serve on toast for a sandwich, or on a bed of lettuce as a salad.

Optional additions to the salad: chopped celery, mild chopped onion (easy on the onion), Thompson's seedless grapes.

If using as a salad, the Thompson's seedless grapes (the green ones) are awesome. They provide a wonderful complement to the chicken.


Jacquie Rogers said...

So are you going to prepare this for our Goofy Girls retreat? Oh, and I want some of that corned beef/egg/potato cassarole, too. Yum.


News From the Holmestead said...

Girlfriend, if that's what you want, you got it. When we get together, I'll make anything y'all want!