Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leg Update #3

Break out the Band-Aids!  I spoke too soon.  My leg pain is coming back.  It is just the most bizarre thing!  Now the entire leg is involved, from buttock/hip to foot.  Sitting for longer than 5 minutes is painful, and driving a car is excruciating (it's my right leg, so pressing on the brakes or gas pedal makes things worse.)  I now drive with my body twisted so that my weight is on my left hip and butt, to relieve pressure on the bad leg.  I look weird, but hey, it works!  Sort of.

I've lost 12 pounds, and have tons more to lose, but I'm sure that losing weight will help.  Or at least keep things from getting worse.  Now I have to get up and walk around some more.  Sayonara!


Anne said...

Sherrie, I'm so sorry to hear this pain is continuing. Take care and keep your spirits up. Pain is very hard to live with

News From the Holmestead said...

LOL! Yes, pain is hard to live with, but I think I'm almost becoming immune to it! Or at least part of the time. Can't wait for the whole nuisance to go away! Sherrie

NinaP said...

Hey Sherrie... have you tried a (good) chiropractor? Since falling and breaking my ankle in January, I've had similar pain as you. Mine comes and goes (the later not often enough), sometimes firing down my leg and sometimes crawling up my back to settle in my right ear and jaw. At my last MD visit (when the pain hit my ear for the first time), she wanted me to head straight to emergency for a CAT scan, sure I was having a stroke. I headed for my chiropractor instead. My hips were out of alignment by 3/4". After some very painful deep tissue massage and some twisting and turning, I was back in place and experiencing some relief. Two more (every other day) visits later (with another today) the pain has drained from my ear and jaw, to my shoulder. Chiropractic (in my state) isn't cheep, but it is 100% more effective than my free MD.

My thoughts and prayers...