Monday, September 17, 2007

Of Cosmetics and Germs

Have been buried with work and this is the first chance I've had to post here! So much for my every-other-day schedule! Out the window when you're swamped!

So instead of something humorous or profound, how about I tell you something interesting I learned the other day? While I cooled my heels in my doctor's waiting room, there was a big screen TV blaring away with some silly women's show. I don't watch that stuff, and in fact, I don't even watch TV, but I became interested in the topic.

It had to do with germs harbored by women's cosmetics. They took random samples from the make-up kits of several women, including professional models with high quality cosmetics, and examined those beauty aids under microscopes. The results were horrifying. Germs! Nasty germs and wiggly things! Those cosmetics were infested with vermin. To prove their point, they showed enlarged photos of the vermin

They advised throwing away old cosmetics and replacing them at regular intervals with new. Now that I work from home I seldom wear make-up, so I did something else. I washed my stuff in antibacterial soap--the mascara wand, the foam eye shadow applicator, and the blusher brush. I sharpened the eyeliner pencil and dragged my lipstick across a paper towel to get rid of the germy outer layer.

Probably not the best solution, but better than doing nothing at all. And guess what? My eyes no longer burn after a couple hours of wearing eye makeup! Go figure. Amazing what a little soap and water can do.

How long do you keep your cosmetics? Were you aware that they can become infested with all sorts of nasty things? I sure wasn't!


Lesley said...

makeup? cosmetics? what you see is what you get...

Lesley said...

I do, however, use soap.

Sherrie Holmes said...

LOL, Lesley! Cracked me up!


Regencyresearcher said...

Have you seen the recent report saying that a study in England discovered that doctor's ties harbored germs as did the sleeves of those white coats they wear? They suggest no ties, and that doctors wear coats and shirts with short sleeves.
Also , do you realize how many germs lurk under your rings and watch?
A different report suggested wiping them down with hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol.

Sherrie Holmes said...

Oh, wow, I hadn't heard about doctors' ties and sleeves. I don't wear rings, and now that I work from home I don't wear a watch, either. But I am VERY careful where I put my purse! I read that one of the two worst places to put purses is in the upper part of a grocery cart, where kids in diapers sit (ick!) and in public restroom floors if there's no purse hook on the door.