Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Cards

Well, gosh! I won a card contest!  I've been making Christmas cards for a contest and came up with some cool ideas using "found" items like bits of lace, scraps of material, pieces of ribbons, etc.  I decided to go with nontraditional colors.  Instead of the usual reds and greens, I went with golds and beiges.  Above is the card that won the contest. I'd used an old postcard for the main part of the card.  Below are two more cards I made, using the same color scheme.



Anne Gracie said...

Beautiful cards, Sherrie. I'm not surprised you won the contest.

All the best for Christmas and into the new year.

News From the Holmestead said...

Thanks, Anne, and a Merry Christmas to you, too. May the New Year bring you your heart's desire. ~Sherrie

LouisaP said...

That card is a winner in ANYONE's book - it's spectacular, Sherrie!

Best wishes for a joyful, peaceful Christmas and a prosperous new year.


News From the Holmestead said...

And best wishes to you, too, Louisa! I wish you could see the cards in person. They are much prettier than they look here. My personal favorite is the one with the scraps of cloth at the top and the sparkly snowflake ornament in the middle. It looks dull here, but in the flesh it is much prettier.

I made a dozen Christmas cards, so maybe I'll post more pictures. :-)

NinaP said...

Beautiful, Sherrie! And congrats on the win. Very much deserved. How old was the postcard that you used?

News From the Holmestead said...

Nina, I don't recall how old the postcard was. I just happened to like it and tossed it into the box on my craft table where I throw odd bits of stuff I think I can use in a card. IIRC, the postcard was actually part of an advertisement I got in the mail. It had a lot of white on it so I had to get out my watercolors and add beige to the map part--the continents and oceans--to make it look antiqued. ~Sherrie, enjoying the sugar spice cookies your daughter made. Yummy!