Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Lunch With Friends

'Tis the season!  I recently went to Christmas lunch with my friends, Jacquie Rogers and Judy Laik.  We've been friends for years, and often spend the entire day at Jacquie's watching movies.  Her husband is a sound engineer and he has a huge in-home theater set up in their basement, complete with real movie theater speakers as well as comfy recliners.  We each bring our own lunch and make a day of it, watching several movies in a row.

But this time, we were doing lunch.  As usual, we laughed a lot.  Oddly enough, we were almost the only diners in the restaurant.  Just one other table had customers.  Afterwards, we asked the waitress to take our picture for posterity.  That's us in the picture--Judy Laik, Jacquie Rogers, and me.  Aren't we colorful?!!  


Jacquie Rogers said...

And what a great time we had!

NinaP said...

Hey Sherrie! I finally get to see more than just your head. You look good, girl! Nina :-)

News From the Holmestead said...

Jacquie, we did indeed have a great time. But when the three of us get together, we ALWAYS have a good time!

Nina, this is the first time someone actually said they were glad to see more than my head! That totally cracked me up! ~Sherrie