Monday, December 6, 2010

When the Going Gets Tough . . .

. . . the tough Feng Shui.  Yes, I'm going to Feng Shui my house, because as a friend said, there's a lot of bad juju going on here.  I've looked into Feng Shui, and decided my preconceived ideas about it were all wrong.  I thought it was a yuppie New Age thing, but it is a centuries old belief in harmony, energy, etc.  And what I like about it is that most of it is basically just good old-fashioned common horse sense--nothing woo-woo about that!

The hardest thing I'm having to deal with right now is keeping the lid down on the toilet and keeping the bathroom door closed.  I hate closed doors.  They depress me. They cut off light coming in through windows.  They box me in.  But according to Feng Shui, the bathroom sucks energy, luck, and money down the drain.  So you shut the door. I'm new to all this, but I can kind of see how the bathroom can have some negative effects on your life.  For one thing, I've read the horrifying studies about all the nasty things that burst out of your toilet every time you flush it.  Things you can't see, but they're there.  They float around and deposit microscopic bits of sewer gas and fecal matter on your towels and toothbrushes (thank God my toilet is around the corner from the medicine chests and sinks!). 

So okay, I'm keeping the toilet lid down and the door closed.  We'll see how it goes the next time I go screaming down the hall, pulling down my jeans as I head for the bathroom, forgetting that the door is closed and the lid down.

Another thing that totally dismayed me is that you aren't supposed to have books in your bedroom.  Bad energy there.  A book on the nightstand is okay, but bookshelves aren't.  Sharp edges on the shelves, the murmur of millions of words filling the night air, the dust they collect (dust mites! Eeeekkk!) . . .   I guess books are too stimulating for the bedroom.  Which puts me in a dilemma, as I have over 5,000 books, and every room but the bathroom has bookshelves.  I consider books beautiful.  They cozy up any room they're in.  They are a fashion statement.  They are friendly and homey.  But not in the bedroom.  So I have to figure out what to do with the hundreds and hundreds of books in my bedroom.

Then I'm going to move my bed, because it's in a bad position.  Luckily, the spare bedroom that I'm converting into my craft room is in the "Creativity" section of my house, according to Feng Shui.  I hope that means I'll soon be making dynamite cards with my rubber stamps and bits of ribbon and lace.  It also turns out that the Financial part of my house is in my bedroom, so I'm reading up on what I can do to bring more money into my life.  The Career part of my house just happens to be where I set up my office.   I find that a lot of the decorating and arranging I've done with my house actually followed Feng Shui principals, and creates calmness and happiness in me because of the aesthetics.

So we'll see how this Feng Shui business goes.  I've been watching Feng Shui tips on YouTube and I have a client who knows a lot about Feng Shui, and she's helping me too.  I'm even going to aim for improving the Health section of my house, to see if I can get rid of this blasted leg problem!

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